"I can't remember how I got Mark's name but I know we were looking for a "Foreclosure" to purchase in a specific area, with limited funds to fix up. Mark was probably the most patient realtor I have met. We looked at dumps, we looked at houses that were a little out of reach but placed offers anyway. We did this for months. He would travel from the other side of town to open the door and we both said "NOPE", close up and go home. I am sure he thought we were jerking his chain and this lady ain't never gonna buy a house. BUT it all paid off in the end. We found the exact house in the exact price range. He went the extra mile with us. If one route didn't work out, he explained how we can try a different one until at last, what seemed was so out of reach, became realty. He never gave up nor did we. He is very honest and really gets to know you and makes you feel like you are family and or friends. At least I feel that way. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs the real deal, not someone who is looking for just a paycheck. Thanks Mark and we will see you soon."

Sherri Bryant,