"I asked some friends to recommend a local realtor to help me find and purchase a second home in the Richmond, VA, area. Their recommendation was Mark Wilson, and his name was some of the best information I ever received from those folks. Because I do not live near Richmond, I provided Mark an email message outlining the types of properties in which I was interested, a price range I was willing to spend, and the general timeframe when I planned to make this purchase. Because I work some distance from Richmond, I was not readily available to view properties on a whim, but my first email also identified several properties I had seen on one of those internet property search sites. I also mentioned an upcoming date in late August when I would be in the area on business and had some time after my appointment when I would be available to view any of these properties to which we could gain access. Mark was most accommodating and arranged for us to view seven properties on the day after my business meeting. We met early at the first site, talked briefly again about my interests and plans. We used that first day's tour essentially to get to know each other and to firm up my specific desires. From late-August through October, Mark made sure I was emailed daily the current MLS listings that met my criteria, and I would respond when interested with upcoming dates when I would be in town. Mark was always accommodating to my limited and sometimes last-minute-availability, even offering to have others in his office assist if he could not. As we toured properties, we would discuss merits and flaws, possible renovations and expenses, and any issues that might cause concern if purchased. Anytime I had a question about any serious property, he either had the answer at his command or would work with selling agents to find the information I wanted. As our search narrowed down to the final three properties, he carefully listened to my debate of strengths and weaknesses of each and provided sound advice that reflected my own concerns. During the weeks preceding the closing, he assisted in working with local offices and sources to expedite the closing and provided contact information for utilities and offices with which I had to communicate. I have had opportunities over the years to work with many real estate agents, but Mark, by far, provided the best experience I have ever had. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a buyers agent."

Ron Buchanan,